Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood Floors will always be the sign of assurance due to its solid structure and which enthuses quality and will improve the appearance of any home.

Every single plank of solid wood is produced using a piece of milled timber, with a tongue and groove joint on the ends and sides.

With Solid Wood being a natural product it will naturally change dimensionally due to environmental moisture and humidity and as such all solid wood floors need to be acclimatised before any installation is attempted.

Professional floor fitters, manufacturers and producers of solid wood floors will advise that sub-floor preparation is of importance ensuring that the use of appropriate materials for correct installation and suggest that Solid Wood floors should be befitted by an experienced floor layer.

Solid Wooden Floors for Supply Only

To buy solid wooden flooring online we have partnered with top UK flooring supplier Maples and Birch to offer you a huge range of quality wood flooring. If you are looking to buy solid wood floors for supply only we suggest using their website or the links below.